Pine Needles, Pine Needle Tea and Pine Needle Extract Benefits

Pine Needles, Pine Needle Tea and Pine Needle Extract Benefits

Indigenous humans have traditionally used pine needles and pine needle tea to support their immune health, respiratory health and cardiovascular health for hundreds of years and likely even longer. (1)  

In 2021, many prominent scientists and researchers brought pine needles back into focus because of the various compounds found within the needles. 

One of the most fascinating compounds found naturally within certain species of pine trees is shikimic acid. Naturally occurring shikimic acid is known to support respiratory health, lung function and immune health.

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It has also been shown to help support the health of the myelin sheath, which acts as “insulation” for the electrical communication throughout the brain and nervous system. (2)

Pine needles are also composed of a variety of potent free-radical scavengers, essential oils, acids, procyanidins, vitamin C and flavonoid glycosides, which support cardiovascular health and healthy blood circulation. 

Because of what is known about the historical usage and current day scientific knowledge, Ascent Nutrition has made available Pine Needle Extract, which consists of wild-harvested White Pine (Pinus strobus) needle extracted into organic vegetable glycerin at a 1:4 ratio.

ascent nutrition pine needle extract

We sustainably and regeneratively hand harvest in the beautiful Canadian forests to utilize the pure and clean White Pine needles. Instead of using alcohol as the preservative, we use an organic vegetable glycerin that gives it a sweet and flavorful taste.

Each serving contains 267 mg of White Pine needle extract.

Overall, Pine Needles support the health of the cardiovascular, respiratory, neurological and immune systems, as well as provide many different compounds that are known to support health through multiple mechanisms.

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Lance Schuttler, CEO of Ascent Nutrition 


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