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We hear the term ‘superfood’ thrown around these days to describe foods far from out of the ordinary; however, we at Ascent Nutrition recognize only the most prestigious of nature’s gifts at the highest tier of nutrition.

Enter Pine Pollen.

A Little Backstory

When we decided to venture out and start our supplement company, it was only after learning about this magnificent pollen. After learning that most of the pollen supplements were coming from China, we decided to uniquely source the true pine pollen found in northern most Canada.

Upon first trial, the effects were noticeable and could not be compared to any other supplements we’ve tried before. Personally, I use it daily and it still is the lifeblood of the company to this day.

So What is It?

Picture giant pine trees in northern most Canada, far away from civilization, essentially untouched by humans. When the pine shoots begin to bloom on the Ponderosa and Lodgepole pine trees, pollen starts to fall and a harvest can be received.

The collected pollen goes through a unique 2-in-1 glycerin and alcohol process to fully extract the beneficial nutrients and plant hormones known as Brassinosteroids, which we will go into further detail. The end result is a beautiful tincture of nature’s most abundant source of phyto-androgens, making it a TRUE superfood.

In ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine practices dating back to 200 A.D., pine pollen was considered useful for the liver and spleen meridians. It was used as a Yang Jing substance, which is closely related to hormonal health. Specific mentions of pine pollen in ancient texts were said to help people’s appearance become more beautiful and increase will.

Powerful Pine Pollen

It appears that we humans share some of our genes with pine trees; genes that code for the making of bio-identical humans genes androgens like testosterone and DHEA. Besides these plant hormones, pine pollen has five other potent plant hormone compounds such as Auxins, Cytokinins, Gibberellins, Ethylene, and Abscisic acid.

The phyto-androgens in pine pollen are essential for rapid growth during its germination period. This is achieved thanks to the so many healthful amino-acids, vitamins, and minerals needed for transformation. When consumed, Pine Pollen delivers proper nutrition for anabolic growth, also helping to activate nitric oxide and enhance blood flow throughout the body.

Pine pollen contains over 200 bioactive nutrients beneficial for human health including 14 vitamins, 24 minerals, 20+ amino acids, 18 live enzymes, fatty acids and phytoandrogens. On top of that, Pine Pollen is a great source of glutathione and superoxide dismutase (SOD).

Glutathione and SOD and the body’s two most potent internal free-radical scavengers and help support healthy detoxification, brain health, and many other vital functions within the body. Normal glutathione supplements are broken down in the gut before they can be absorbed; however, because our pine pollen is in tincture form, these two incredible substances are bioavailable due to their ability to absorb directly into the bloodstream.

Unlike other hormone supplements commonly found, hormones found in pine pollen do not disrupt the body’s own biofeedback loop that controls the body’s natural production of testosterone and other androgens.

Push Beyond Natural Limits

Prolonged use of pine pollen is optimal to promote a peak hormonal environment to improve resilience and power. Everyone can feel Pine Pollen as a boost in our daily lives to help overcome the stress of our environment.

Many can benefit from the raw materials needed for hormones like testosterone, epitestosterone and androstenedione.[1] Athletes especially can benefit greatly, thanks in part to the increase in available free testosterone as well as a greater ability to perform under hypoxic conditions.[2]

High amounts of antioxidants found in pine pollen helps promote cellular and humoral immune response and is considered a novel potential immunomodulator.[3]

On a cellular basis, pine pollen’s ability to influence SOD levels will attribute to less DNA mutation and damage to our mitochondria.[4] Better mitochondrial health is associated with greater production of energy and longevity.

One study on mice had them poisoned with arsenic; however, pine pollen protected their brain cells from damage. This shows pine pollen’s ability to inhibit cell apoptosis or the death of cells that otherwise are normal functioning.[5]

A Cut Above the Rest

Almost every company out there selling pine pollen is selling China-sourced “cracked cell-wall” pine pollen, which claims to boost nutrient availability.

There are a few issues with this though.

First, the nutrients that become only modestly more bioavailable are starches and proteins. Most people are not taking pine pollen for starches and protein, but rather, are taking them for their diverse range of nutrients, including the highly sought after phytoandrogens. 

Second, the outer layer or cell wall of the pine pollen is a built-in self-defense mechanism created by nature to help preserve the light-sensitive phytoandrogens, flavonoids, enzymes and nutrients within the pine pollen. 

When this cell-wall is cracked, these nutrients quickly start to oxidize and degrade in quality. 

We source only the best, which means that our pine pollen cell-walls stay intact to help offer the most alive, robust and vigorous pine pollen available. 

The Most Unique Extraction Method

To begin, everything is wild-harvested by hand in remote, clean Canadian forests, with love and respect for nature and the abundance it provides. 

The pine pollen is kept raw, alive and unheated. 

We then use the most unique dual-extraction process currently known in relation to extracting the full spectrum of bio-active nutrients from the un-cracked pine pollen. 

Almost every company out there is using male pollen buds, in which only 4% of the dry weight of those buds is actual pine pollen. This makes for a highly diluted and ineffective product.

Our extraction process begins with only pine pollen and we utilize BOTH a cold dual extract of 1:2 of water and glycerin as a first extract and a 1:4 of alcohol as a second extract. This leaves a final 1:6 solution that retains the full spectrum of pine pollen nutrients without damaging any of these vital nutrients. 

To be clear, this is the world’s most unique pine pollen extraction method being used and we are proud to source this pristine collection of nutrients for you to experience. 

It is available NOW on our site in a very limited quality which you can find here. We hope that this tincture blesses your mind, body and spirit to help you reach your true self!


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