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Who doesn’t like starting their day with a cup of coffee? It gets you out of the bed, ready to take over the world! What of we told you that your cup of coffee has lot more potential than just getting you kickstarted for the day? It can be environment friendly. 

If you are unable to comprehend where we are headed towards with this, hold tight! You might have heard of two types of coffee— Arabica and Robusta but there are different cultivation methods of coffee— sun grown and shade grown. Shade grown coffee is grown under a large canopy of trees, without have to chop off tees. These coffee beans are slightly bigger and more flavorful than their sun grown counterparts.

If you think the difference between the two is limited to their flavors, let’s help with the reasons why choosing shade grown coffee is better option.

Preserves the Habitat of Birds

Shade grown coffee plantation is a paradise for birds. By growing in the shade, under the lush green canopy of trees, shade grown coffee veers away from deforestation, which has already become  an alarming concern in the recent times. Since these coffee plants thrive in shade and discourage deforestation, the natural of habitat of birds is thereby preserved. 

The “bird friendly coffee” is a  better choice than sungrown coffee because it makes a warm abode foe various varieties of of birds which keeps the pests away and facilitates pollination.

Promotes Soil Conservation

Since shade grown coffee does not discourages deforestation, the trees on the sloppy region ensure the prevention of soil erosion. The large trees with their roots deep in the soil, can be boon in disaster prone areas. They can not only prevent soil from eroding but also prevent landslides.  As opposed to the sun grown which needs direct sunlight top thrive, shade grown coffee retains around 40 per cent more moisture of the soil. This thereby ensures a higher fertility rate of the soil.

Benefits Farmers

Although the yields of shade grown coffee are lower than that of sun grown coffee, but the market value of the former is higher, owing to its quality and sustainability factors. The proliferation of sustainable living options has opened up new avenues for farmers to engage in shade grown coffee farming and researchers have come up with models that suggest ways in which farmers can optimize their profits by converting 40-60 per cent of their land into a shade grown coffee plantation.


Procuring organic shade grown green coffee beans  can be a task. But with Ascent Nutrition you can order yours online hassle free. 

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