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Optimal Health

Optimal Health

The Optimal Health Category is home to some of the most unique and beneficial nutrients on the market today, truly embodying our mission of “offering deeply transformative and supportive nutrients.” Here you will find the culmination of over a decade of work to bring these transformative products to market.

Nutrients and Products

The nutrients and products that you will find here promote a healthy and active lifestyle by supporting a multitude of benefits for humans and animals as well.

We have brought in some of the most beneficial nutrients from pure and clean sources so that we can authentically say that we have the world’s most unique products.

These products have been carefully vetted and brought here intentionally “to help bring about a great collective shift in human consciousness and human health.”

The Difference

What makes these particular products so unique and impactful can be linked to their ability to support multiple systems and processes within the body to promote health and happiness. Here are a few within this category:

Raw Pine Pollen

Raw Pine Pollen- Our Raw Pine Pollen is hand harvested sustainably in the northern forests of Canada and kept whole and unprocessed to preserve all 200+ of the delicate nutrients within. Pine pollen contains unique compounds such as brassinosteroids and phytoandrogens, which support hormonal and neurotransmitter health.

Pine Pollen

Most pine pollen on the market is sourced from China, which may contain contaminants and have less than reputable testing, if any, done on it. This pine pollen is also typically cracked cell wall, which allows for nutrient oxidation and decay. Raw Pine Pollen from Ascent Nutrition is kept raw and cell wall uncracked to persevere all the nutrients inside.

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil- Our hemp is also grown in remote, isolated areas with organic practices and we do not use any pesticides or synthetic chemicals on our crops. The Full Spectrum Hemp Oil is made with our proprietary strain of hemp, which has been referenced as “the gold standard” in hemp genome sequencing by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI).

Our Hemp Oil Includes the Whole Plant

Ascent Nutrition Full Spectrum Hemp Oil does not just isolate CBD like many other companies, but includes the entire hemp plant with all 119+ nutrients that are found within. The presence of all the terpenes and supporting cannabinoids can produce what is called “the entourage effect,” which is the synergy of all the nutrients in the hemp plant working together to promote health and wellbeing.

Algae Oil DHA

Algae Oil DHA- Our Algae Oil DHA has over a dozen fatty acids within and has been tested to be free of contaminants, and to ensure the levels of these fatty acids. We proudly display these results on our website. Our Algae Oil DHA is grown in hermetically sealed tanks indoors to ensure total control over the growing process and to eliminate the potential for environmental contaminants.

Algae Oil DHA from Ascent Nutrition contains a nutritionally relevant dose of the omega 3 fatty acid DHA at 1,000mg per dose, making it a convenient and effective way to ensure that you are reaching adequate DHA levels.

All of our powerful and unique nutrients fit into most any diet and lifestyle, being vegan and free of contaminants such as heavy metals and pesticides.

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