Algae Oil DHA


Nature’s superior source of DHA for peak Omega-3 levels. 250% more DHA than fish oil per unit.

1000 mg DHA + 10 mg EPA per serving

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Ascent Nutrition’s Algae Oil DHA uses a specific wild-strain of algae that is uniquely water extracted to naturally produce the cleanest, purest and most concentrated DHA in the world. Backed by human clinical studies, Algae Oil DHA is the most studied for building up DHA levels in the body and has 250% more DHA than fish oil per unit. 
  • Supports memory, focus, clarity and concentration
  • Supports healthy DNA function
  • Supports child brain development
  • Supports healthy cholesterol ratios
  • Supports cardiovascular health


Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) is an omega-3 fatty acid that is essential for brain health, heart health, eye health, a healthy inflammatory response and brain development during pregnancy and early childhood, and much more.

This long-chain omega-3 fatty acid needs to be consumed and it functions in cell membranes throughout the body to help transmit messages between the nervous system.

DHA is also readily oxidized, so the body uses it and then needs a continual fresh supply to function optimally.

Most people automatically equate omega-3’s to fish oil, but did you know that it is the Algae that contains the DHA? The fish eat the algae, and are thus, an intermediary source.

The “fish in the middle” isn’t necessary.

We go straight to the source and get nature’s true, pure and original DHA source.

In nature, fish don’t make omega-3s. The organism that captures sunlight to create DHA is this golden algae.

1,000 mg to 2,000 mg of DHA per day over a period of 3 months has been shown to increase DHA levels and help people reach peak Omega-3 levels.