The Health Detoxification Regimen consists of suggestions for healthy ways to detoxify. Some are free and easy to implement and some are suggestions for certain nutrients and natural substances that help support healthy detoxification.

The Healthy Detoxification Regimen

The knowledge of detoxification is being sought more as many people in our world today are becoming aware of the various toxins around us. There are many great detoxification protocols and routines that exist and this information below is intended to add to the detoxification regimen conversation that is taking place.

People looking to detoxify should always be aware of pharmaceutical use in conjunction with certain detox strategies as some can cause unintended, potentially harmful side-effects. Consult your physician or pharmacist before starting any detoxification program.

The Health Detoxification Regimen consists of suggestions for healthy ways to detoxify. Some are free and easy to implement and some are suggestions for certain nutrients and natural substances that help support healthy detoxification.

The Ascent Nutrition products are discussed in points 7,8,9 and 10 and include:

Humic and Fulvic Acid from Ascent Nutrition

Ascent Nutrition's Algae Oil DHA 

Pine Needle Extract from Ascent Nutrition

Ascent Nutrition Pine Pollen Tincture


1. Sauna

For overall detoxification, sweating through sauna use (or sweating of any sort) multiple times a week is a great way to help the body in many ways, including the process of detoxification. (1) Sauna use is also known to support cardiovascular function, brain health and endocrine function. (2, 3, 4)

It is known that general suggestions for sauna may be around 2-3 times per week and it has been shown that this duration can be supportive of cardiovascular function in both men and women. It is known to be also be beneficial at 4-7 times per week. (5) Another study showed how sauna use was associated with brain health and memory. (6)

For those with no access or option for sauna use, sweating in general is the overall goal and so this can be done through safe major exercises, safe sunlight or other beneficial means of sweating.

Sweating toxins out through the skin also helps take some of the burden off the liver that would otherwise need to process those toxins.

The benefits and possible importance for some on the use of saunas and sweating are known and the awareness of this information is spreading as more people are interested in detoxification from many various toxins and pollutants. Consider also adding in red light therapy, infra-red therapy or any other beneficial light therapy as well.


2. Wi-Fi and EMFs

A free and easy, but effective strategy to help support overall health and detoxification is to limit the amount of Wi-Fi or non-natural EMF (electromagnetic field) radiation you're exposed to. Keep your phone as far away from your body as you realistically can given your life and the various situations you're in. Turn off Wi-Fi and unplug routers at night, turn phones off or airplane mode and keep outside of bedroom. Radiation from cell phones and routers only exacerbate heavy metal poisoning and can make it harder to detoxify. (7)

Make bedroom as dark as possible to help reduce light exposure while sleeping. Remove any unnecessary lights or non-natural EMF-emitting devices.

Additionally, it is known that DNA is damaged by certain frequencies of EMF radiation and that DNA acts as an "antenna" for a wide range of frequencies. (8)

This is another reason why we want to reduce our Wi-Fi and non-natural EMF exposure.


3. Sunlight

Getting enough sunlight can help with ensuring we get enough Vitamin D, whose function is more hormone-like in that is regulates over 1000 genes in us humans. For those who don't have access to adequate sunlight due to various reasons, ensuring adequate intake of vitamin D is essential for detoxification and overall health. (9)

Getting sunlight in the eyes in the morning is also important as it helps to set circadian rhythm balance and helps with mood, outlook, neurotransmitter production and other neurobiological processes. (10, 11)

Even just a few minutes in the morning is enough to have positive effects both short term and long term. Ideal ranges are between 4-20 minutes of morning sunlight exposure. The eye receives the photons from the Sun via the DHA fatty acid-loaded rods and cones in the retina. The light energy (photons) from the Sun helps support the brain and nervous system in several ways, as noted above.

It is important to include here that there is still enough photons getting through the clouds on cloudy days that this concept still remains on such days. This is where a little extra time receiving light to the eyes in the morning can be more beneficial.


4. Grounding/Earthing

A growing number of people now know that grounding or "earthing" can help us humans in multiple ways. When our skin is in contact with the earth through grass, sand, rocks, dirt, etc, then we are absorbing what are known as negative ions. These ions come off of the Earth due to the negative charge on the surface of the Earth.

An estimated 1000–2000 thunderstorms are continually active around the globe, which emit thousands of lightening strikes per minute. This creates a constant positive charge to the upper atmosphere and gives the Earth its negative negative charge on the surface. This means that the Earth then provides an abundant source of these free elections or negative ions. (12, 13)

Of importance to the concept of detoxification and cardiovascular health, researchers know that grounding actually shifts a person's electrophysiology. Grounding is known to increase the electrical charge (the zeta potential) of red blood cells, which then helps to reduce clumping and aggregation. (14)

The researchers from the paper cited above had this to say about grounding:

"Grounding increases the surface charge on RBCs and thereby reduces blood viscosity and clumping. Grounding appears to be one of the simplest and yet most profound interventions for helping reduce cardiovascular risk and cardiovascular events." 

Given the times we are in, the importance on the topic of grounding or earthing is clear.

There are grounding mats and sheets that work well if you're in an area that is too cold or you don't have access to a place to ground.


5. Home and Personal Care Toxins

Some common home care and personal care items that can have different known toxins in them is an extensive list, but can be briefly summarized as some overall suggestions. Naturally, budgets vary for each person and family and one should do what they can without adding further stress to one's life.

-Fluoride in toothpaste, aluminum in deodorants, shampoo, conditioner, aftershave, soaps, etc.

-Synthetic pesticides, synthetic fragrances, candles, etc.

These toxins listed and more contain synthetic compounds that create imbalances and are toxic to the human body. Some are also known endocrine disruptors and some are neurotoxic. (15, 16)

Other beneficial practices to consider:

-Clean drinking water as possible, no tap water ideally.

-Local, organically grown foods/foods grown without synthetic pesticides when possible.

-Prayer, exercise, social connections, meditation, new activities, learn new skills

- Use 528 Hz frequency for cellular health, as referenced and suggested by strength coach Cory Bell.


6. Footbaths

One great way to detox is to do foot baths with things like baking soda, Borax (boron), magnesium flakes and other beneficial salts and essential oils. Foot baths or full body baths with these elements or something similar in them are great ways to also detox. You can even put Humic and Fulvic Acid in these baths and they can further help support detoxification.


7. Humic and Fulvic Acid

Humic and fulvic acid are substances that are extracted from nutrient rich soil and have profound health benefits for both humans and animals.

Humic acid acts as a prebiotic, even though it is not really a fiber in and of itself. This means that it acts as food for the good bacteria in our gut and microbiome, which helps those beneficial bacteria grow.

Interestingly,  humic acid helps support the replenishing of a person’s native bacteria that is unique and specific for each individual.

Supporting the health of one’s own beneficial bacteria helps both the brain and the gut, which is known as the gut-brain axis.

Humic acid also naturally contains within it fulvic acids, which are many times smaller than humic acid and help support the body in numerous ways.

Since the molecular size is so small and it is of such low molecular weight, fulvic acid can cross any cell membrane, including the blood-brain barrier.

Since fulvic acid is so small and can cross any cellular membrane, it acts in a very unique way as both a transporter of nutrients and a detoxifier.

This means that fulvic acid helps to carry nutrients like vitamins and minerals into cells and helps to remove the waste from cells.

Fulvic acid also benefits the body in many other ways, including being the most potent free radical scavenger known, having around 14 tetra trillion electrons it can donate or receive to scavenge harmful free radicals.

This is 14 with twenty-one zero’s behind it!

Fulvic acid is also an extremely rich source of electrolytes and it catalyzes enzymatic reactions, helps to chelate and detoxify heavy metals, supports electrochemical balance between cells and supports the synthesis rate of RNA and DNA.

What is especially important to note is that because fulvic acid is known as a very potent electrolyte, it is beneficial to the electrical properties of all living things.

We can view fulvic acid as a “mini battery charger” that provides a steady, constant trickle charge of electricity to cells.

In other words, cells need electricity to work and fulvic acid provides a constant charge of electricity because of the natural properties it exerts.

Humic and Fulvic Acid from Ascent Nutrition: Suggested use includes 1 capsule per day for the first 7 days, 2 capsules per day for following 21 days for adults 18 and above. Small children 3-12 can consider starting with 1/4th the amount. Dispersing powder in footbaths, full baths work great for adults and children, including sink baths with the loose powder sprinkled in the water for very young children. Very powerful stuff, introduce slowly. Do not take with pharmaceuticals at the same time. It will increase the potency of pharmaceutical drugs and this can be potentially harmful, depending on the drug and person.


8. Algae Oil DHA

The brain and nervous system can sometimes be damaged by various toxins and so it is important to resupply the building blocks of neurons, which consists abundantly in omega 3 fatty acids and especially DHA. (17) DHA is known to support the process of neurogenesis, which is the repairing of damaged neurons as well as creation of new neurons. (18)

Omega-3s are also well known to support cardiovascular health, healthy blood viscosity, healthy endothelial function and healthy blood pressure. (19)

It is also known to support a healthy inflammatory response throughout the body, as well as in the cardiovascular system. (20)

As noted in The DHA Regimen, 1,000-2,000 mg of the omega-3's DHA and EPA have been shown to be the amount needed per day to raise a person's omega-3 index percentage and support overall health in multiple ways (21)

Ascent Nutrition's Algae Oil DHA is a clean water-extracted, pure, original source of omega 3s from a unique strain of algae. The actual source of omega-3s DHA and EPA come from algae and not fish, as it has been commonly believed. Ascent Nutrition bypasses the second stage so to speak and goes straight to the original source, instead of the second step in the food chain, which is the fish.

As mentioned above, 1,000-2,000 mg of Algae Oil DHA per day is the suggested use for adults. 1,000 mg per day for children and teens is the suggested use.


9. Pine Needle Extract

Indigenous humans have traditionally used pine needles to support their immune health, respiratory health and cardiovascular health for hundreds of years and likely even longer. (22)

In 2021, many prominent scientists and researchers brought pine needles back into focus because of the various compounds found within the needles.

One of the most fascinating compounds found naturally within certain species of pine trees is shikimic acid. Naturally occurring shikimic acid is known to support respiratory health, lung function and immune health. Shikimic acid has also been found to have supportive properties for cardiovascular health and healthy platelet activity. (23)

Pine needles are also composed of a variety of potent free-radical scavengers, essential oils, acids, procyanidins, vitamin C and flavonoid glycosides, which support cardiovascular health and healthy blood circulation.

Because of what is known about the historical usage and current day scientific knowledge, Ascent Nutrition has made available Pine Needle Extract, which consists of wild-harvested White Pine (Pinus strobus) needle extracted into organic vegetable glycerin at a 1:4 ratio, giving 267 mg of pine needle extract per 1 mL serving. For general support, 1 serving per day. For strong support, up to 3-4 serving per day.

We sustainably and regeneratively hand harvest in the beautiful Canadian forests to utilize the pure and clean White Pine needles. Instead of using alcohol as the preservative, we use an organic vegetable glycerin that gives it a sweet and flavorful taste.


10. Pine Pollen Tincture

Within that matrix of pollen contains an abundance of nutrients and some are found in concentrations unlike any other source found in nature. This includes over 200+ bioactive nutrients that the human body can use like 14 vitamins, 24 minerals, all of the 20+ amino acids, 18 living enzymes, essential fatty acids and nature highest source of phytohormones and of particular interest, DHEA.

DHEA is a hormone that can be used to build either male or female hormones and it is often described as one of the master hormones. It is commonly used to support healthy mood, brain health and cognitive function in general. (24)

Pine Pollen also contains beneficial compounds for the brain and healthy detoxification like naturally-occurring glutathione, SOD (superoxide dismutase), MSM (organic sulphur), phosphatidylserine (PS) and more. Because Ascent Nutrition's Pine Pollen Tincture is held in alcohol and glycerin, these compounds can cross into the blood-stream directly when administered under the tongue.

As many know, glutathione and SOD are powerhouse free-radical scavengers and help to support healthy detoxification, cardiovascular health, brain function and respiratory health. (25, 26, 27)

Pine Pollen also has five other phytohormones, including auxins, cytokinins, gibberellins, ethylene and abscisic acid (ABA).

These five compounds have tremendous biological activity within the body, including support for a healthy immune system.

Most companies are there are selling pine pollen from China that cracked cell-wall pine pollen, which claims to boost nutrient availability.

There are a few issues with this though.

First, the nutrients that become only modestly more bioavailable are starches.

Most people are not taking pine pollen for starches, but rather, are taking them for their diverse range of nutrients, including the highly sought after phytohormones.

Second, the outer layer or cell wall of the pine pollen is a built-in self-defense mechanism created by nature to help preserve the light-sensitive phytocompound, flavonoids, enzymes and nutrients within the pine pollen.

When this cell-wall is cracked, these nutrients quickly start to oxidize and degrade in quality.

This is why our Ascent Nutrition Pine Pollen Tincture uses only the best, which means that our pine pollen cell-walls stay intact to help offer the most alive, robust and vigorous pine pollen available.

The pine pollen is kept raw, alive and unheated.

We also use the world’s most unique pine pollen extraction method and we are proud to offer this pristine collection of nutrients to the world.

Use as suggested on the bottle. Intended for adults 18 and over due to the hormone support it may give.



The suggestions in The Healthy Detoxification Regimen are meant to be supportive of other detoxification protocols, programs and regimens. By nature of the practices and nutrients suggested, these are intended to be synergistic with other practices and nutrients that one may be using.

This regimen has been created to help provide general foundational knowledge and information on healthy detoxification practices and options to consider.

You can view the Ascent Nutrition products here which contains more information on each of the individual products.


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