Frequently Asked Questions

Q- How can I manage my subscribe and save order?

A- Please click here to view our quick guide on how to manage your subscribe and save order through your customer account portal.

What qualifies for free shipping?

A-  Any order with a $149 subtotal qualifies for free shipping in the US

Q- Where can I track my order?

A- Thank you for your question! You can track your order and get the latest updates by scrolling down on this page to the order tracking field below.

Q-  Do you ship to Canada?

A- Yes we do ship to Canada.

Q- Do you ship to the UK?

A- We ship to the UK and most of the EU. 

Q- What products don't you ship to Australia due to government choices?

A- Due to strict Australian choices, they won't allow Humic and Fulvic Acid or Lion's Mane and Agarikon Mushrooms into the country at this moment. This is why Australians can't see these 3 products on our website. We will update as soon as governmental changes take place. 

Q- Do you have an affiliate program?

A- Yes we do! Our affiliate program is always free and open to everyone to join. The signup process takes just a minute and you can start earning the same day. You can click here to check out our affiliate program.

Q- Where can I learn more about your products?

A- We have a robust blog written here, and we also describe our products thoroughly on the product pages themselves.

Q- How long does shipping take?

A- Great question! We typically see delivery times of 3-4 business days (excluding weekends) from the time of placing your order with us. Please allow extra time for international shipping and for holidays.

Q- I do not see the Hemp Oil, where is the Full Spectrum Hemp Oil? Where can I buy the Hemp Oil?

A- Our Full Spectrum Hemp Oil is only available on our Hemp website due to certain regulations regarding hemp, and the sale of hemp products. You will be able to find and purchase the Full Spectrum Hemp Oil on our Hemp website by clicking here.