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Raw Pine Pollen Powder

(26 customer reviews)


14 vitamins, 24 minerals, 20+ amino acids, 18 live enzymes, fatty acids and brassino-compounds in every bottle.

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14 vitamins, 24 minerals, 20+ amino acids, 18 live enzymes, fatty acids and phytoandrogens in every jar. We always use whole-cell pine pollen from Canada. We never source “cracked cell wall” pine pollen from China.

  • Contains over 200 bioactive nutrients beneficial for human health.
  • Nature’s best source for phytoandrogens (plant-hormones beneficial for human health, including the “youthing” phytoandrogen).
  • An incredible source for powerful free-radical scavengers glutathione and SOD (superoxide dismutase)
  • Supports a healthy libido and supports hormone balance.
  • Supports brain health, cardiovascular health, adrenal health, thyroid health, healthy detoxification and healthy blood sugar levels.

Suggested Use: 2 grams per day, which equals approx. 1/2 tsp (.46 tsp). We love to sprinkle ours in yogurt, salads, and smoothies. Beneficial for pets too!

26 reviews for Raw Pine Pollen Powder

  1. Valerie Escoto

    Where is my product?3 weeks waiting

  2. mary felts

    I have been using the Pine Pollen for just a week now, and it’s doing what I bought it for. I have type 2 diabetes, and I don’t like the medication that the doctor prescribes, so I don’t take it. I try to manage it on my own. Sometimes that doesn’t work too well. My fasting in the morning is now avg. 120, It was averaging145-185 in the morning fasting, and my pre-meal is now an avg of around 90. My doctor keeps tabs on my numbers, and I have a blood test every 6 months. I am 66 years old and love all the other benefits. I’ve been feeling great, with more energy. Thank you to Kristen & Jason ‘Wonder Twins’ at Arcana Shores on YouTube for having Lance on your show. I have tried several products, and these REALLY WORK! I will be trying some of the other products also.

  3. Daniele Martin (verified owner)

    What a beautiful product. It’s literally like Sunshine! Just learning about pine pollen and it’s many benefits, so excited to try this product.

  4. Jon Cook (verified owner)

    Highly recommend! It fixed my trigger finger problem.

  5. Chloe B

    Love my Canadian norther neighbors.

  6. Camilla Smith (verified owner)

    I am almost finished with the second jar of pine pollen. I have noticed improvement in several chronic health problems and I am very satisfied with the product. I intend to continue using it! Thanks Lance!

  7. Judalon Smyth (verified owner)

    I really love how I feel since taking Pine Pollen. Just finishing my first jar and can’t imagine being without it.

  8. Heather Leard

    It seemed to be helping, but after a couple of weeks, aggravated my allergies. I started it right as the extremely high pollen season started, so that could have been it too. Therefore, I am saving it to try again after fall allergy season.

  9. Nelly Yefet

    I bought a coffee 3 pack and gave one pack to my son. He called the same day to let me know BEST COFFEE I ever had. He uses a french press and coffee drinking is a ritual for him. I’m atea drinker but this coffee might convert me into a coffee drinker. I also use the Pine Pollen daily to counteract the Covid spike proteins when working and touching my patients. I do feel a difference. No more redness and itching on hands and arms, only an occasional headache if I treat too many vaxxed patients on a day, also only occasional ovarian pain/pressure. Thank you for such high quality products. NLY

  10. Mary Orseske (verified owner)

    I have been using the products for about a year now and I can’t say enough good about them, I am now giving my disabled adult daughter who has CP and I am now an affiliate, and I will be doing before and after with the new Hemp oil and so excited to show all the good I know it will help her with!! Thank you Lance and your amazing team you have with all of your amazing products!! Oh ya the coffee is the best I have ever had!!!

  11. Connie Stanton (verified owner)

    I buy the chocolate flavor. I love this product! My skin&amp nails amazing! My crepey skin is gone. My nails are stronger &amp delivery.

  12. Veniece Kennedy (verified owner)

    I noticed I have an overall feeling of well being.

  13. Jess Schrock (verified owner)

    Works as described within the first week. Mixed in with my coffee 2 times daily. Doesn’t really have much odor or taste when done that way. Was skeptical at first being a “super” food and all, but this really shocked me as to all the benefits ! Make sure you order well before your out because the stock doesn’t last long! Customer for life!

  14. Michael Stone

    I have been using the Pine Tree Pollen Powder and Tincture products in tandem together for over a year now. My Pineal Gland has blown wide open and I am moving into Higher Levels of Consciousness because of this Product. Brother Lance Shuttler and Ascent Nutrition Team, you folks are the BEST!! Thank you so much for Direct Science and Research that is performed with each and everyone of your products in the line. Your QC/QA Procedures are Impeccable and Second to None. If you want the best products on the market and on the Planet, then Ascent Nutrition is Exactly the Place To Be to get these Superior Products. Bravo My Brother!!!!!!

  15. Kat Bainbridge

    This is such a gift from nature! So many nutrients that my body needs and from such a superior source. I love how easily and tasteless it mixes into my smoothies or yogurt or even my coffee (Ascent Coffe ONLY! No mold or mycotoxins!). Thank you, Ascent Nutrition!

  16. Farrell Reed

    I have a hard time taking supplements sometimes, because of taste. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the Pine Pollen Powder! It has no flavor so it’s great with EVERYTHING! Use it with my first cup of water in the morning.

  17. Lynn Rogers-Prezzato (verified owner)

    I have been using this product for about a year now and wouldn’t be without it! The results speak for themselves. I use it daily in my morning smoothie and love it!

  18. John Mansfield

    My thought on Raw Pine Pollen Powder, I’m on my second purchase of the pollen. “I haven’t felt any better or worse since beginning, I initially began the daily use for a brain fog I developed from chemo therapy for cancer 3 years ago. Pine pollen hasn’t helped with the fog, but I suspect it has cleared up eczema on both of my arms I’ve had for 50 years. I’ll keep taking it.

  19. Patricia Bell


  20. John Stancroff

    Customs will not release without a broker for UPS and so I received Customs approval and then contacted UPS and they said they cannot handle supplements. Is this a food or a supplement? Please tell me it is food and send me something to that effect so I can receive my product.

  21. Leonard Luria (verified owner)

    Great product. Dr Luria

  22. LaRae Roberts (verified owner)

    I have seen a review saying ponderosa pine is toxic, but, if you search many sources, you will see that there is a history of using these pines for health by North American tribes in the past, so, make sure to source many articles to make that decision. I am harvesting ponderosa pine needles and they are so tasty! Some needles from other pines don’t have a pleasant taste, but in Southern Oregon Ponderosa tastes yummy pine. White pine in my yard is also tasty, but, with a bit more floral flavor. I make an infused honey with pine needles, anise, cinnamon and clove. I add a few copper zinc drops and about 4-6 cayenne in 1 cup of infused honey. I top it off with the above pine pollen and its is yummy and 1/2 tsp every 6 hours relieved a friend almost completely on his 6 hour drive home. He couldn’t swallow even water without much pain! Thanks guys for this powder!

  23. Jacob Horning (verified owner)

    Great Products, Great People!!!!

  24. Jillene Burnell (verified owner)

    We are very pleased with this product and others we have gotten

  25. Maureen Maher (verified owner)

    In this time we’re in we need to break away from the synthetic big pharmaceutical companies there corrupt. I believe Zane and Noah have created the cleanest natural products. Me and my dog Jackie are growing older and she has a autoimmune disorder and I have a back and shoulder issues. After a few days of a faithful routine of the pine pollen my Jackie is showing signs of moving better her hair and skin also looks better. I have been waking up with more energy and less aches and pains. My interaction with Zane and Noah has been beyond a wonderful experience they believe in what their doing and they achieve to make a difference in people’s health. I absolutely recommend giving it a chance to change the way you feel and a better way of life! You’ll be amazed with the results of your pets health as well! It’s all made from God’s garden 🪴 Maureen :two_hearts:

  26. Christine Dillon

    I love this item it is so clean and quality if again 5/5 I make hot tea with it prior to sleeping or I but in my coffee that I buy from you company that is also 5/5. I have not had the covid or with all supplements bought I have-not even got sick from the variant… sooo happy. healthy doing all the preventative measures will liver detox I think it has NAC

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Pine pollen is the bright yellow dust inside the Ponderosa and Lodgepole male cones (the species of Pine that we use). Pine cones are the female part of the tree, with the pollen-producing catkins being the male.


Today in the health and wellness industry, the word superfood is thrown out there far too often.

While there are indeed many wonderful foods out there that have tremendous health benefits, pine pollen is one that truly deserves such a title as a supreme superfood.

Pine Pollen comes from the pine cones of pine (Pinus) trees and are loaded with over 200 bio-active nutrients that the human body recognizes and can utilize for nutrition.

These nutrients include 14 vitamins, 24 minerals, 20+ amino acids, 18 live enzymes, fatty acids and phytoandrogens.

Phyto Brassino-Compounds

Pine Pollen also has five other phytocompounds, including auxins, cytokinins, gibberellins, ethylene and abscisic acid (ABA).

These five compounds have tremendous biological activity within the body, including support for a healthy immune system.

Glutathione and SOD

As stated earlier, our Pine Pollen tincture is a great source of glutathione and SOD (superoxide dismutase).

SOD and glutathione are the two most potent internal free-radical scavengers and help support healthy detoxification, brain health and many other vital functions within the body.

SOD is a compound that exists in every cell in the human body, and acts as a potent free radical scavenger. It can also speed up chemical reactions in the body. Both of these unique qualities also make this compound brain supportive.

Glutathione is another extraordinary compound found in humans that has some very unique attributes as well.

Glutathione is incredibly good at supporting the health and function of your liver by helping to break down toxins and promote healthy detoxification.

In the brain glutathione also acts as a free radical scavenger and may promote healthy cognition and mental energy.

Cracked Cell-Wall Pine Pollen vs. Uncracked Cell-Wall Pine Pollen

Every company out there selling pine pollen is selling China-sourced cracked cell-wall pine pollen, which claims to boost nutrient availability.

There are a few issues with this though.

First, the nutrients that become only modestly more bioavailable are starches and proteins. Most people are not taking pine pollen for starches and protein, but rather, are taking them for their diverse range of nutrients, including the highly sought after brassino-compounds.

Second, the outer layer or cell wall of the pine pollen is a built-in self-defense mechanism created by nature to help preserve the light-sensitive phytocompound, flavonoids, enzymes and nutrients within the pine pollen.

When this cell-wall is cracked, these nutrients quickly start to oxidize and degrade in quality.

We source only the best, which means that our pine pollen cell-walls stay intact to help offer the most alive, robust and vigorous pine pollen available.

The pine pollen is kept raw, alive and unheated.

To be clear, this is the world’s most unique pine pollen extraction method being used and we are proud to source this pristine collection of nutrients for you to experience.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition. Our Raw Pine Pollen Tincture is to support overall health and wellness.

Suggested Use: 2 grams per day, which equals approx. 1/2 tsp (.46 tsp). We love to sprinkle ours in yogurt, salads, and smoothies. Beneficial for pets too!