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Algae Oil DHA

(31 customer reviews)


Nature’s superior source of DHA for peak Omega-3 levels. Water-extracted to produce the cleanest and most concentrated DHA. 1000-2000 mg of the Omega-3’s DHA and EPA are needed daily for optimal Omega-3 levels.

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DHA is one of the essential Omega-3 fatty acids. Ascent Nutrition’s Algae Oil DHA uses a specific wild-strain of algae that is uniquely water extracted to naturally produce the cleanest, purest and most concentrated DHA in the world. Algae Oil DHA is known to build up DHA levels in the body which can produce 250% more Omega-3 than fish oil per unit.

  • Supports memory, focus, clarity and concentration
  • Supports healthy DNA function
  • Supports child brain development
  • Supports healthy cholesterol ratios
  • Supports cardiovascular health
  • Supports mitochondrial function

Suggested Use: 2 full droppers per serving. 1-2 servings per day for 1000-2000 mg of DHA.

31 reviews for Algae Oil DHA

  1. Erick Jimenez (verified owner)

    I have been taking this DHA for quite some time now. The first two orders where great. The quality was obvious and with ever take of the DHA, from the initial taste, to the latter benefits, I was satisfied with my purchase. I am a man who values consistency and appreciate it when it is given. It was not difficult getting my peers and colleagues to join me in the journey of preserving our health. However, this past two orders (four if we are counting the ones made by my partners) I has notice a difference in the product, there seems to lack potency in the benefits, that is my main concern. But, the taste is even not as dense, even the color is not the same. It is not golden yellow. It looks like it lost some of its value. I can only imagine is because of the popularity is gaining. But now im honestly reluctant to try it again, and will be more reluctant to tell people how much I like the product. What a shame. I hope I am not going crazy and I hope I don’t offend nobody, I am just stating my opinion

  2. Kimberly Hallman

    Has helped clear up my brainfog!

  3. Starr Sullivan (verified owner)

    I’m really excited about this product! It arrived timely and in perfect condition. Been using it for about a week and already feel the benefits!

  4. Marc McConeghy (verified owner)

    This Amazing Product Has Awakened My Brain , only after 2 Bottles now My Brain Is on Fire….Soooo Much Easier to Discern the Real Truth’s Now , Thank You Lance , Marc McConeghy

  5. Valerie Aprahamian

    On my second month of using this oil.

  6. Judalon Smyth (verified owner)

    Still more lingering taste than I like but way less than most.

  7. Teresa Hamling (verified owner)

    Sometimes it’s had to tell what is making a difference so I took my Algae Oil with me to a bio scan and it aligned perfectly with my body. Can’t get better than that!!! Thank you

  8. Heather Leard

    Another good product, but I just couldn’t take the taste of it, which reminded me of decaying fish on the shore.

  9. Tara Landon (verified owner)

    Great product although it tastes a little “fishy” and I don’t like fish. It is part of my daily regimen.

  10. Pam Kirby (verified owner)

    This is a great source for DHA and I feel great since taking it for 2 months.

  11. Christine Dillon

    I will always get my coffee from this company. from the time I began last year. Smooth, and clean from contaminates that is a catalyst for my allergies. I have not withdraw effects seen with starbucks such as headaches, crashes.

  12. JONATHAN SWIFT (verified owner)

    Excellent product works well very calming on the system

  13. Kathy Malone (verified owner)

    I take a dropper once a day along with 2 grams of pine pollen. I’ve been healthy and feeling energetic.

  14. Chad Bell (verified owner)

    I believe I’m getting some benefit. Not sure how much!

  15. Noah Olson

    I’ve taken this algae oil and noticed far more effective benefits than fish oil such as: increased memory, better mood & less stress. Overall, I feel like this is great to add to any nootropic/wellness stack. Fish oils are rancid, oxidized & poorly absorbed. Get this!

  16. Shanna

    It’s wonderful to be able to finally find a product and company that is true to their words of what’s in the bottle! LOVE IT! Ingredients are clear and simply stated.

  17. Cory Bailey

    My profession demands me to be on my feet with high energy for 3-4 consecutive hours straight. It can be grueling on my body and draining as well. Usually there is a harsh crash that follows my coaching sessions. Ever since I started take this Algae Oil, about a month ago, the crash is no more. I am no longer struggling to finish office tasks or things that require attention later in my day. Not too mention my energy while coaching is through the roof and my body feels great. I have supreme mental clarity using this product as well!

  18. Laurie Livelsberger

    I heard about this algae oil DHA from friend and decided to order after reading up on it. The price is affordable when you compare the DHA content to other products, and Ascent Nutrition has always treated me right.

  19. Erika Martins

    Smooth taste and very effective. Most importantly for me it sits well with my stomach. Thank you!!!

  20. Gunther Sonnenfeld

    I’ve been taking the Algae Oil DHA product daily for a couple of months, and have already seen/felt tremendous results. My cholesterol levels are phenomenal (ratios are excellent), and I can attest to being much sharper mentality and having much quicker reflexes. As someone who is past mid-life, this is a critical supplement for my health optimization!

  21. Beth Nicolls (verified owner)

    I have been using this a couple of months and I feel great! Seems like my concentration is better. Overall I just really feel good and I feel that taking this is definitely helping me. Glad I found this product and will continue with this daily. Thank you for such a great product.

  22. David Mikolajczak (verified owner)

    This is one of the best, if not the best oil of its kind. Very effective and the taste is mild compared to others.

  23. Valerie Aprahamian

    I like that this oil is smooth. It has a little bit of a fish taste, but I chase it with water & it’s gone.

  24. Connie Keys (verified owner)

    I prefer this product over the pills that have sat on the store shelves for who knows how long. Doesn’t bother my stomach the way some others do.

  25. Connie Stanton

    Hello ! I haven’t even taken half a bottle yet, but so far so good !!!

  26. Janet Chaikin

    I had been taking a fish oil supplement until I learned that DHA actually comes from algae. Using this product has been easy and the taste is definitely manageable.

  27. Lewis Herms

    It’s amazing that in just a couple weeks I am thinking clearer, so the efficacy of this DHA Algae oil is fantastic. This is the only time I have taken an oil such as this and not had the nasty taste or long-after fish burbs. TMI? Maybe, but it is important for those of you that have experienced this before. Simply a great product. Show Less

  28. Zane Sampson (verified owner)

    I have been using Algae Oil DHA for 2 months as of now, and I feel the difference. Not only do i have an easier time recalling things, but I also have significantly less brain fog. All in all this has given me better focus and increased energy, and I plan on using the Algae Oil DHA as a staple in my wellness routine.

  29. Robin Dawson (verified owner)

    I have noticed when I take this algae oil my arthritis flares up and I feel awful all day long. I have since stopped taking it and I am very unhappy about my purchase.

  30. Landon Schuttler (verified owner)

    I have been taking this product for almost 3-4 months and I have routinely mixed it into my stack of daily supplements! I feel like I have more energy and I am sleeping better at night. The taste of this product is very easy and smooth and usually mix it in with a smoothie after a good workout at the gym. I highly recommend all of these products and I look forward to seeing the benefits! Thank You

  31. Beverly Smith

    This supplement is great.

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DHA is an essential omega-3 fatty acid and is also known as docosahexaenoic acid and is a compound that us humans must continually consume, due to its fundamental and structural role in all neurons, the eyes, mitochondria, telomeres and sperm.

The DHA fatty acid is part of the neuron itself and and is responsible for 90% of the omega-3 fatty acids found in the brain and is 25% of the brain’s total poly-unsaturated fat content.

DHA is so fundamental in fact that the developing baby inside a mother’s womb utilizes DHA from the mother to help form the brain, the eyes, the nervous system and more.

The need for continual DHA consumption then continues on throughout the human lifespan.

It is because of DHA that we are able to even see, read and interpret the words on this page–as well as think, speak, memorize, recall and hear.

Additionally, some neuroscientists even view DHA as more important than DNA itself!

As it relates to brain health, memory, focus, clarity, neuroplasticity and neurogenesis, DHA can be viewed as one of the best nootropics (brain-enhancing nutrients) in existence. Literally.

While there are many different nutrients, products and smart drugs out there, it is important to closely examine the fundamental needs of the human brain to understand why DHA is one of the strongest and most effective brain-enhancing nutrients known.

DHA has been shown to up regulate the expression of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) as well as another growth factor called nerve growth factor (NGF). These are growth factors that help to maintain the connections between neurons and help in the creation of new neurons. Some refer to these proteins as “miracle grow” for the brain.

DHA also has been shown to help support the production of a compound called Synaptamide. Synaptamide (N-docosahexenoyethanolamine) is an anandamide-like compound that is synthesized from DHA in the brain and it helps to promote neurite growth, synaptogenesis and neurogenesis in developing neurons.

In other words, for Synaptamide to be produced at healthy levels, DHA needs to be present.

DHA also has been shown to modulate the expression of several different genes in the brain and nervous system, and in particular, the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN).

The SCN is commonly known as the “brain’s pacemaker” because of its ability to help regulate hormones in conjunction with the cycles of light and darkness and helps to set and balance our circadian rhythm.

DHA is also incorporated into the rods and cones in the retina of the eye and it is the photons from the sun that hit the retina and are converted to an electrical signal that the brain can then read.

DHA is vital to this process and as discussed above, is the reason we are even able to read, listen and contemplate these words here right now.

Amounts and The Pure, Original Source of DHA

1,000-2,000 mg of the omega-3’s DHA and EPA have been shown to be the amount needed per day to raise a person’s omega-3 index percentage. This omega-3 index has been correlated with many biomarkers of health, including healthy insulin sensitivity, healthy blood pressure, healthy cholesterol ratios, cellular lifespan and more.

Most people sit at about 4% total omega-3 membrane levels, but optimal levels are at 8-12%.

Unfortunately, the average American is only reaching a little over 2,400 mg of DHA per week.

Since an average serving of salmon (3 oz) will provide about 1240 mg of DHA, this means that over a course of a week, a person would need to consume about 5.6-11.2 servings of salmon per week to reach the 1,000-2,000 mg of DHA per day. (7,000-14,000 mg of DHA per week).

With these numbers in mind, Ascent Nutrition CEO Lance Schuttler created a regimen that can be utilized to help reach these levels, which is called the DHA Regimen.

In short, The DHA Regimen supports peak omega-3 levels, synaptamide production and neurogenesis at 1,000-2,000mg of algae DHA per day over a period of 3 months.

It is Ascent Nutrition’s Algae Oil DHA that supports the science behind The DHA Regimen.

Additionally, since most people aren’t consuming or don’t want to eat nearly 5-11 servings per week of salmon, supplementing with DHA is an easy and effective way to reach these levels throughout one’s week.

Since nature’s original source of DHA comes from algae, we can go direct to the source for our DHA.

Remember, it is the fish that eat the algae and incorporate the DHA fatty acids into their cellular membranes.

The pure, clean and authentic traits of products is what we at Ascent Nutrition offer and it is these same traits that are naturally present in our Algae Oil DHA.

Ascent Nutrition’s Algae Oil DHA uses a specific wild-type strain of algae that is uniquely water extracted and naturally produces a clean, pure and potently concentrated golden algae DHA oil.

It is also 3rd party tested and has shown that it not only meets, but far exceeds cleanliness and safety standards set for microbial analysis testing and the testing of heavy metals like arsenic, cadmium, lead and mercury.

We proudly show these results above, whereas these results are not shown on any other algae oil or fish oil website.

Additionally, because of our sustainable and clean growing process, we can offer this at a price that beats all other algae oil products, with respect to amounts of DHA per dollar.

Our 2 oz bottle of golden DHA oil from algae contains a graduated glass tincture dropper that provides mL amounts that is easy to read and utilize. Each 2.0 mL serving of Algae Oil DHA provides 1,000 mg of DHA and 10 mg of EPA.

Suggested Use: 1000-2000 mg of DHA per day